Kiln Drying

Kiln dried wood is recommended for things such as woodworking projects and construction pieces since it's more stable than green and air dried lumber.

Aspenson Lumber offers custom kiln drying for contractors, brokers, & the general public. We can accommodate orders of many sizes and pride ourselves in providing the highest quality drying and customer service in our region. 

We can dry any special pieces that you have, whether you only have one wood piece or thousands, we are more than happy to dry it here in our 36,000 bd ft capacity de-humidification Kiln.  

Feel free to contact me anytime about kiln drying services.

Log Sawing

Our sawmill can cut live-sawn, quartersawn, rift cut, and live edge slabs into usable pieces before the kiln drying process.

Many customers like to salvage trees from their own property.  Here at Aspenson Lumber we are glad to help process those special logs.  Our saw mills are able cut logs at a variety of sizes.  We can cut diameters up to 60 inches (5ft).  

Unfortunately, some logs are filled with nails which makes log sawing very difficult.  We are able to work with this, but the extra time and materials needed will make the job more expensive.  Please contact me if you have any questions about your log sawing needs.


A straight line rip puts a true edge on the board so you can run it against a table saw fence and cut the pieces you need, or we can size for you.

After kiln drying and planing, we can cut a straight edge on your wood to make sizing easier.  

We have served scores of individuals with straight-lining needs. Most of our clients desire one straight edge, which saves them time and expense. Some of our clients also need sized material, which we can also accommodate.   

If you need straight-lining done for your wood, please contact me for availability.

Specialty Wood Material

Finding unique and special wood pieces happens to be our favorite service to provide.  Whether you need blanks for carving or pieces for interior décor, we are happy to help.  Below are just a few of the artistic pieces we have.  If you are looking for anything specific please contact me so we can harvest just what you need.